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LIOVALY piano studio  

2019 policy information

General Information:

  • Liovaly piano studio offers piano lessons for students ages 6+.  At this time we are offering studio lessons as well as in-home lessons.  

  • Lessons are offered weekly in 30 minute and 45 minute time slots (depending on student’s age/level).  Our goals for these lessons include:

    • Learning to read music and pursue excellence in musicality and expression.

    • Developing musicality through the study of great composers from many different eras.

    • Developing a disciplined practice schedule to facilitate steady improvement.

    • Cultivating the student’s own love for music as an art.


  • Tuition is due monthly for each upcoming month of lessons.  Tuition for the month is due on the first lesson of that month.  Monthly invoices are sent on the last week of the previous month.

  • Family tuition discounts apply to any family with 2 or more students enrolled.  The family discount in outlined as follows: student #1 + 0.95(student #2) + 0.90(student #3) + etc… If students have varied lessons durations, the greater % discounts apply to the shorter lesson times.

Lesson expectations:

  • Students are expected to be ready on time for their lessons.  

  • For in-home lessons, the surroundings should be kept as quiet as possible and free from distractions such as phones or pets.

  • Fingernails should be kept short.


  • Lesson books are not included in tuition.  When necessary, the cost of new books will be added to the monthly invoice.  Students may provide books of their own; however, these books are subject to approval by the teacher if being used during lessons.

  • Some supplemental books and other materials will be provided by the Liovaly Library at no cost when applicable and available.  These books are to be returned after use.


  • Students are expected to practice at least 5 days a week.  Practice times and habits will vary for each student based on their age, ability, and personal preferences.  For some students, doing two shorter practice sessions per day is easier than one longer one.  Consistent practice is essential for the progression of the student as it develops muscle memory and enhances reading skills.

  • Parents of younger children, especially, are able to help with their practice by reminding their children to practice.   


  • If a student is sick, they should not have their lesson.  Make-up lessons will be available, if the schedule permits.

  • If I am sick and need to cancel a lessons, make-up lessons will be available.  


  • Please let me know as soon as possible when you have vacations or travel plans and will need to skip a lesson.  Letting me know one month in advance gives me time to adjust the upcoming invoice and not charge for a lesson you will not be able to take.

  • There is no refunds for lessons not taken in a given month.  Make-up lessons are available if the schedule permits.

  • Make-up lessons must be taken within the month of the missed lesson.

Additional Information:

  • Lessons are scheduled in a year-round format.  Many students have more time to practice over the summer months, and having lessons during that time hone their skills even more.

  • There is a winter break of approximately 2 weeks.  Other holidays are 4th of July and Thanksgiving.

Owner and Piano Instructor

"I hope to share the joy of music with my students....whether playing piano becomes a lifelong hobby or a profession."

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